“Cook, Bambino, Cook” is just another food recipe blog. It’s been created to keep an online copy of the author’s favorite recipes, because at times he loses them when he writes them on a piece of paper, or his hard drive crashes when he puts them in a computer. Consequently, this will also make it easier for him to share his recipes to his friends, and to complete strangers as well, in the same way that the author has also “borrowed” some recipes online. That said, the author does not really claim ownership to these recipes, although he may have tweaked a little on some of them. Point is, feel free to use them or improve them. Let the author know how yours turned out. Maybe even share your recipes as well.

Kindly note that the author has received no formal training so be gentle on him. He also doesn’t mind using frowned-upon, salt-laden, MSG-filled, nutrition-lacking flavor enhancers like gout-inducing stock-cubes, although he keeps it at a minimum. (If you have an aversion to stock cubes then slow-cook your preferred meat bones, keep them in an ice-tray, and thaw to use. There.) Also note that these are very simple, Asian/Filipino, home-cooked meals. So please lower your expectations.

Let’s eat!

The text and pictures in this blog are the sole property of Cook, Bambino, Cook. Any use of these pictures or text without the express permission of Cook, Bambino, Cook is prohibited.


4 responses to “About

  1. Pawee

    Bambs, I’ll try your Max-kuno chicken this weekend. I wonder if my hubby will object to the smell of the fish sauce though. Thanks!

    • bflavi

      Haha. Max-kuno. I should have named it that instead. Good luck with it. You know how Pinoys always put patis in their food. If it fails, remember that there must be a hundred ways to turbo a chicken. You may also try rubbing a whole chicken, cavity included, with fresh thyme and salt and pepper, then put lemon quarters inside the cavity. Turbo for 15 minutes, baste with melted butter, then turbo again for 30 minutes more. Don’t forget to use the drippings for gravy. Yum.

  2. aio gallaga-esteban

    hi bambi! I dont know if you remember me but we hung out in kalayaan back in the day. anyway, thanks for this food blog, especially the pinoy recipes. My hubby loves pinoy food but i dont know how to make any, even tinola. I’ll try out your recipes for sure.

    • bflavi

      Silly woman. Of course I remember you, aio. Nag-iinuman pa man din tayo sa Tia Maria’s sa Katipunan dati. Okay Aio, tani namit ang luto mo man. Halong.

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