Cheese Sticks


So you made some Lumpiang Shanghai. Or you prepared Pancit Molo. What are you going to do with those excess lumpia/wanton wrappers? Keeping them in the ref will only spoil them as they’ll only harden once they’re out of the original packaging. Tried keeping them in a ziploc bag but it didn’t work. Might as well use them. Bust out the cheese and make some cheese sticks.

how to wrapInsanely easy. Slice strips of cheese according to your desired size (sliced mine 1cm x 6cm) and wrap them with those excess wrappers. Refer to the instructions on the photo. By the way, that is how you’d wrap a lumpiang shanghai too.

If you have some ham in the ref, cut them into strips (same length as the cheese) and put it right beside the cheese. Found some unused capsicum/bell peppers? Cut them into thin strips too and add it into the wrap as well.

This can keep well inside the freezer. Once you’re ready (read: you’ve got beer), simply deep fry them until the wrapper changes color to golden brown. Lay them on a plate lined with kitchen towels to drain excess oil. Serve while hot and crispy. Be careful as filling may be too hot. Wash it down with beer. Oh lordy yum yum.


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