Chicken or Pork Tocino

chicken tocino

This one goes out to those who live outside the Philippines, or to those who have searched everywhere for the perfect tocino mix. Lord knows I have tried all the tocino mix brands and marinades out there, but nothing comes close to this. It just has the right amount, a hint actually, of sweetness. I was thinking twice about spreading the word on this one, for fear that you guys will beat me to the grocery and hoard these for yourselves, but I figured that McCormick will instead realize the demand and churn out more of these on all the grocery stores (I know, I should get something out of this). You see, every time we make a trip to Manila, I would always buy several of these. Or ask guests to buy for me if they come over. There are just some things you can’t deny a Filipino, and among them is a hearty breakfast of garlic rice, fried egg, and tocino.

tocino mixYou’ll need:

  • 500 grams of meat, either pork or poultry (I use thigh fillets) sliced into tocino cuts
  • a pack of McCormick Tocino Seasoning Mix
  • 1/2 cup of water

Simply dissolve the mix with water (they’ll look yellowish but that’s okay), and pour over the meat. Let it marinate overnight. You may divide them into portions and freeze some for future cooking. To cook, simply use a pan, heat to medium-high, and pour everything in. You might want to put 2 tbsps of water to dissolve the remnants of the marinade and put it in the pan as well. Keep stirring until the water evaporates and the marinade becomes sticky. Make sure you cook it thoroughly, constantly stirring the meat in the pan to keep the marinade from burning. Then again, as you may notice in my photo of the finished product, I tend to overcook chicken for fear of contracting campylobacter. Just one of my paranoia.

I’m not really sure how it is with pork cuts but when I cook it using chicken thigh fillet with all that skin, the oils usually come out as I fry them. This is why I don’t add oil anymore. Then again, you might want to have some oil on standby so you may add just a tablespoon in case it looks too dry. When done, scoop out the cooked tocino and, for the love of your arteries, get rid of the oil. Serve with garlic rice, and fried egg. My choice of dip would be vinegar. Some combine tomato ketchup and vinegar. Whatever works, baby.



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2 responses to “Chicken or Pork Tocino

  1. franco

    Try plain pineapple juice. I’ve seen it on some local cookbooks.

    • bflavi

      Thanks for the tip. I can eat pineapple by itself but I can’t eat stuff that has pineapple or pineapple juice in it. I find it too overwhelming. Then again, that’s just me.

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