Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza is just so easy to make since ready-made ingredients abound in supermarkets. This goes great for those stay-home Saturday nights when you invite friends over or just hang with the family. You may also impress the partner with a simple semi-homemade pizza and pasta and a bottle of wine. You’ll need an oven though (I wonder how this will come out when cooked in a turbo broiler). It is very important that you do not overload it with ingredients otherwise it won’t come out crispy. So go easy on the pizza sauce, and resist overloading on cheese since that’s the most tempting thing to do.


You’ll need:

  • Ready-made pizza crust. Look for those thin ones. Sure you can make your own pizza dough. Your choice.
  • Ready-made pizza sauce.
  • Grated red Cheddar combined with grated mozzarella cheese (I know, they’re expensive. Make plenty of pizzas and keep in freezer)
  • Any cold cuts such as Ham, Turkey Ham, Pepperoni (I used Turkey Ham here)
  • Capsicum, red or green it doesn’t matter. This’ll make your pizza smell so heavenly.
  • Sliced button mushrooms. Fresh ones are best, but canned ones will do.
  • Olive oil.

Set up all the ingredients on the counter. There should be a bowl of the mixed cheeses, a bowl of the pizza sauce, a bowl of your chopped cold cuts, capsicum strips, sliced mushrooms, and a bowl of olive oil with a pastry brush.


Place the pizza crusts on a counter. Those you intend to freeze, put them on a paper plate that fits. Put a spoonful of pizza sauce on the dough and spread thinly. Next comes the cheese. Again, resist overloading it. Distribute the cold cuts evenly. Do the same thing with the mushrooms and capsicum strips. Now dip the pastry brush into the olive oil and lightly drizzle everything. You may want to try tapping the brush lightly too so as not to “move” the ingredients.

Now set your oven to 200°C and preheat for 15minutes (this may vary). For pizzas to be kept in the freezer, cover them in plastic wrap (cling wrap) and freeze. Not sure how long they’ll keep since they get pretty wiped out too soon anyway. Put pizzas to be served in a cookie sheet and bake them in batches depending  how huge your oven is. I bake them two at a time.  Cooking time is at 12-15 minutes but I recommend that you check through the glass once in a while for doneness: brown edges and bubbling cheese. Take out of the oven, lay them on a cutting board and slice with a pizza cutter. Serve with tabasco sauce for that bite.pizza_afterblog

This goes well with pasta so just scour online for a recipe. Or you may wait for mine soon. Enjoy!


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