Homemade Max’s Fried Chicken

If you live outside the Philippines and crave for the taste of Max’s Fried Chicken, here’s something to impress your family/friends/spouse/partner with. Ingredients are minimal, and preparation is easy. It would help if you have a turbo broiler. Not only will it be healthier, it will also be less messy too. Otherwise, you’re going to have to deep fry it, making sure that the chicken is halfway deep in oil. Be prepared for all that splattering of oil which you’ll have to clean after, the oily smell which will stay in your kitchen for a long time, and the burn marks you’ll have to deal with. Always remember to put the chicken in when the oil is hot. To make it crispier, let it cool in the ref after frying it once, and refry it by not more than 3 minutes.


You’ll need:

  • 1 whole chicken. Spring (a teenager) chicken is best.
  • Coarse salt
  • Fish sauce or “patis.” I use the milder Knife Thai fish sauce but any will do.
  • Ground pepper. Freshly ground fine pepper works great.
  • Steamer or a rice cooker that will fit the chicken. Cut the chicken in half if it doesn’t fit.

Wash the chicken and pat it dry it with paper towels. Rub coarse salt all over, including the insides then set it aside to let the salt work its way into the meat. While waiting, turn on the steamer and combine half cup of fish sauce, a cup of water, and half teaspoon of pepper and put them in. Once it boils, arrange the chicken on the steamer basket, cover and steam for  20 minutes. Make sure it doesn’t dry up by adding water if required.

Cool the chicken by taking it out of the steamer. Put some fish sauce in a bowl, dip your fingers, and lightly massage the chicken. “Light” is the keyword as you might accidently disfigure the cooked chicken. You may consider using a paper napkin and brush it instead. Once done, gently (to avoid disfigurement) put it in a ziploc bag or any sealed container and let it chill in the ref before you fry or turbo broil it. You may keep it there for 4 days, longer if in the freezer.

Fry the chicken for not more than 8 minutes on each side, making sure that it turns golden brown. Remember that it’s already cooked, so just aim for crispiness. Refry if you want it to be deadlier. Personally, I put it in the turbo broiler and cook for 20 minutes at 400°F/200°C. Serve with rice and a dipping sauce of banana ketchup and worcestershire sauce. Tell me how it turned out.



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7 responses to “Homemade Max’s Fried Chicken

  1. Cliffy

    I’m going to try this but i still have to buy a turbo broiler or borrow one. Will see how it comes out. I just have a question though, if it came from the freezer, do I have to thaw it before i fry it or can i cook it frozen? will it come out crispier?

    • bflavi

      Hey tol. Turbo broilers are also called bachelor ovens because you don’t have to deal with oils and the electricity consumption is much less than the usual oven. There are so many dishes you can prepare in it too such as lechong kawali and even crispy pata. You can even bake in it though I havent tried it.
      I suggest that you thaw it first due to the short cooking time. Otherwise the insides might still be cold.

  2. Marcy

    Just to be clear, do I still steam it first if I plan to put it in my Turbo for 20 min.? My daughter just requested fried chicken and I have never made it!

    • bflavi

      Yes. Steaming it will infuse it with flavor, along with the rub for the seasoning. You’re supposed to let it marinate first before putting it in the turbo broiler. Maybe you can put it in the ref for an hour. Broiling it in the turbo will make it crispy on the outside until it looks like so without having to worry if it’s cooked inside since you already steamed it previously.

  3. johnmarlo

    I put dried laurel leaves int the steamer water. Much more aroma when turbo broiled. though optional, you can try it.

  4. Anne

    Undercooked 😦 maybe 40 minutes in turbo, 20 min per side after steaming?

    • bflavi

      Hmm. I wonder how it got undercooked considering you already steamed it. Sorry to hear it, Anne. I guess you’re more familiar with your cooking equipment. I think 40 minutes is too long though and might make your chicken dry. Guess you’ll just have to experiment with the settings.

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