Smells like something’s on fire…

Why the food blog? As explained in my “About” page, I just needed a virtual place to store my favorite recipes in, even that simple, mundane dish that I cooked this morning (e.g. sauteed corned beef), along with my thoughts. I’m sure this will come in handy one of these days, when my memory starts to fail me and I forget a particular cooking technique for a particular dish. This has actually happened to me countless of times. I recall having made what I believed to be the best leche flan, wrote the recipe in a piece of paper, even backed it up in a computer, only to have totally forgotten about it when I changed addresses and upgraded my computer.

It goes without saying that I enjoy cooking, albeit these are very simple and basic dishes. (e.g. sauteed corned beef). I have no intention of outdoing anyone when it comes to the kitchen. Actually, my idea is to put it online too so I may share it with my friends (who don’t mind simple and basic dishes e.g. sauteed corned beef), with the hope that they may enjoy it as much as I do, and also that they may share their recipes. See, my food repertoire is also limited- there comes a time when my family gets tired of the dishes I prepare. So I could use a little help here too. I’ll give you all the credit though. And should you want to keep it a secret, then I shall treat it that way. I have recipes that I keep to myself too, you know.

It is important to note that I am no expert cook. I just learned to cook on my own when I lived by myself in Manila. It was a matter of survival. Of course, I’ll give credit to my Mom who taught me a few things, although honestly most of the things I learned I got from newspaper clippings, lost cookbooks, online, friends, and experimentation. And I am still learning as I go along.

I intend to update this as often as I can, assuming that I’ll be cooking, and if I remember to take a photo of the dish. This is also dependent on the number of dishes I know. I’d be lucky if I go over a hundred.

Okay. Here goes nothing…



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2 responses to “Smells like something’s on fire…

  1. Cheyenne

    Hi Bambs!!! Thanks for sharing this blog with all of us….mine’s in Multiply, though. Let’s just say, I’m quite shy hence, I’m keeping them for my friends’ eyes only. =]
    Expect me to visit here on a daily basis, my friend as I’m a domestic goddess myself… bwahaahaha.

    • bflavi

      Hey Chey! This is just for posterity, and for my friends who keep asking me to email them recipes. Of course, lingaw rin ako magluto gud. Lami magpatambok! Great to hear from you Chey! Hope you can share me your prized recipes as well 🙂

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